Staff Recommendations

When Charlie McButton Lost Power

By: Suzanne Collins

When video-game addict Charlie McButton loses power, he has no idea what to do to amuse himself, and resorts to trying to steal batteries from his younger sister.  With a rhyming quality reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, Collin's text manages to simultaneously tell the story and make jokes. She condemns over-dependence on video games, suggests other forms of entertainment without being heavy-handed, and covers sibling relations on top of that. Over the course of the short book, readers truly care for Charlie and his younger sister Isabel Jane.  Action-packed pencil and watercolor illustrations convey emotions hinted at in the text. The thin-lined sloppy style, with coloring extending over the penciled outlines, captures the feeling of child-done drawings while still maintaining the quality of an experience illustrator.  Highly recommended for preschool and early elementary listeners.

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